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The DOVE Project is a local organization that is working on the global epidemic of intimate partner violence and violence in communities. DOVE stands for Dignity, Opportunity, Voice, and Empowerment.

Middle school students, in our community, and throughout the country, can identify power based personal violence, including dating and domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking, and learn to be active bystanders to reduce those behaviors in their schools and communities.

DOVE follows a multi-pronged prevention strategy whereupon we offer education and skill building around 1) understanding the root causes of domestic violence through looking at the “isms” that stem from oppression [racism, sexism, ableism, etc.] 2) shifting culture where violence is not acceptable and survivors are not shamed or blamed 3) building skills to know how to communicate and ask for consent, talking about feelings, and responding in a respectful, thoughtful manner, and 4) promotion of healthy relationships.

Bi-weekly, DOVE offers critical thinking and interactive exercises to middle school students around prevention. Three sets of 10 week activities have already been developed: Healthy Relationships, Equity, and Bystander Intervention. These have been greatly successful and the Middle School has asked us to continue and grow the curriculum.

Project to be worked on:

The intern will work with DOVE Prevention Staff to address power based personal violence identification and reduction through the creation of new Lunch Dates with DOVE curriculum sets. Topics will be determined dependent on intern’s interests and Prevention Staff input.

Interns will be able to see their work as it is rolled out into the middle school. This program has been presented at the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence’s Prevention workshops and DOVE is looking into developing “Lunch Boxes” with the curriculum sets that can be used by other schools and non-profits.

If interested, please send a resume and cover letter to