Green Dot Bystander Training 4/29 @ 5pm

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This workshop will introduce you to the issues of power-based personal power prevention. Learning objectives include:
  • Participants will recognize behaviors that may constitute domestic violence, sexual violence or stalking or child abuse or behaviors that may be immediate precursors to these types of violence
  • Participants will be intrinsically motivated to intervene in order to: reduce harm after possible violence has started, reduce the likelihood that it will happen again, and reduce the likelihood that it will happen at all.
  • Participants will recognize obstacles that may prevent them from doing something in the face of potential power-based personal violence.
  • Participants will develop realistic options to act given their unique set of obstacles.
  • Participants will learn realistic pro-social behaviors they can do to shift the community culture to one that is intolerant of violence and supportive of bystander intervention.
Saturday, April 29 5:00 – 6:30 at the O Space
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