LGBTQ youth collaborations with island organizations for healthy relationships

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We had an amazing and enriching empowerment series, that culminated with a panel discussion at the Vashon Theatre.

The event was well attended with a Q & A for parents, other youth, providers, and community members to listen and learn how people would like to be supported in their identities and expressions with healthy relationships.

DOVE teamed up with VARSA, DOVE TeenCouncil, Vashon Highschool, NW Network & NW Networks’ Outspoken Training to empower, educate our community, and inspire awareness opportunities among our fellows.

Here is the link to the website with more information for Inqueeries , and the video that was created to bring awareness to the dialogue.  

Extra exciting news:  DOVE has been working with 2 dozen interested Middle-School students for McMurray’s first QSA which will be at the school in the 2019 school year.  We are proud and happy about this collaboration and have been networking with other Vashon youth-coordinators for inclusivity and enrichment.

In recent years we have sponsored youth voice with a publication of some of their works to educate and empower our community consciousness.  Check out this link to “no straight answerdownloadable ‘zine.


If you would like to continue this collaboration, participate or get support, please feel free to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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